At Impact Concrete our services are backed by our word and our warranty won't let you down. We make sure it’s done right the first time or we fix it. This is the ultimate in peace of mind.

Cracking of basement floor

Minor cracks in concrete basement floors are common.

If the crack exceeds ⅛” in width or ⅛” in vertical displacement that is considered excessive.

Cracks larger than ⅛” thickness typically indicates excessive movement or settlement beneath the floor. Every floor crack larger than ⅛” will be investigated on an individual basis to determine the cause. Cracks less than ⅛” thickness may be repaired by request and charged accordingly.

Heaving or Subsiding

Heaving or subsiding to a concrete structure typically suggests ground movement beneath the structure.

Impact concrete requires every base to be sufficiently compacted and therefore we do not assume responsibility.

Cracks in Attached Patio or Sidewalk

Every pour crack larger than ¼” will be investigated don an individual basis to determine cause.

Cracks less than ¼” thickness may be repaired by request and charged accordingly. Impact Concrete will assume sole responsibility if support brackets fail.

Pitting, Scaling or Spalling of Concrete Work

Deterioration can be caused by many things including chemicals, fertilizers and even severe weather.

Deterioration caused by de-icing chemicals, fertilizers or other factors beyond the control of Impact Concrete will void any warranty. Accountability due to inclement weather will be determined on an individual basis.

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