Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete is not a flexible material, so therefore it’s not uncommon for it to crack during freeze/thaw conditions. Small cracks in concrete can be considered normal and these small cracks won’t compromise the concrete’s strength.

Concrete is a very durable material that requires very limited maintenance; however, there are a few things you can do to ensure the integrity of you concrete. Some of these include: avoiding applying deicing chemicals during the winter as these can break down the concrete, limiting the use harsh acids to remove blemishes or stains, cleaning your concrete periodically and applying a suitable sealant to protect it from weather elements.

Not anymore! Mineral colors can be added to concrete to give it a rich color, in fact we can even color match the concrete to your home.

Recycling occurs from beginning to end with concrete. A variety of wastes and other industrial byproducts, can actually be added to concrete mixes. By adding these recycled materials, it reduces the reliance on new raw materials. Concrete can also be recycled after breakout and used for a variety of different construction purposes.

Concrete hardens through a chemical process known as hydration, this process is cause by particles reacting with water to form new stable compounds that coat and bind the aggregate particles in the mix. After application, concrete will harden and gain strength as it hydrates. There are two stages to the hardening, the first is the initial process that occurs quite rapidly and then second part is a slower rate that happens, days, weeks and months after it has been applied.

Concrete needs to set and cure to achieve its maximum strength properties. But during the drying process if the temperature approaches 0°C or lower the hydration will slow and/or stops. Freshly applied concrete needs to be kept between 5°C and 30°C during its initial curing period to ensure proper drying and maximum strength. Sometime during cold weather conditions, we will need to install hoarding and heating devices around the formwork to protect the concrete and ensure that it cures at the proper temperature.

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