Are you looking to replace an old damaged garage pad? Or are you building a garage and need proper concrete installation for your parking pad? We’ve got you covered at Impact Concrete!

Unfortunately, many businesses will install concrete garage pads incorrectly and during months that can cause damage to slab. Luckily, we have the professional skills, tools and abilities to pour your concrete garage pad correctly, year round and with proper engineering. We do not cut corners or take shortcuts, we do the job right, because our number one concern is happy customers. We provide quality workmanship, clear communication, and complete our work in a timely manner at Impact Concrete.

Properly installed concrete garage slabs and pads are installed to withstand the weight and wear of daily use. As we know, Calgary is prone to extreme weather changes and if your concrete garage pad is installed incorrectly, a weather change can bring about unwanted cracks and/or other damage. However, when installed correctly, this should not be a concern as the concrete is applied to adapt to the weather changes while still bearing the weight of large loads.

When we create a garage slab, we ensure that we lay a proper thickened edge and curb wall as required by the customer and site grades to retain correctly against dirt and water.  From walls 12 inches in height with thickened edges, to 4 ft tall or more, walls with proper footing created to code. We meet and often exceed engineered specs ensuring we do it right.  


Proper concrete garage pad installation comes down to a few a simple steps that cannot be overlooked. The first step is properly preparing the ground and ensuring that there will be minimal movement or shifting of the ground, as this can lead to a crack in the slab or pad. Usually, this means we must lay a thick layer of highly compacted gravel or stone. Next, we will often install a vapor barrier that will prevent moisture from moving up through the concrete. Then we move on to mixing the right concrete; every concrete preparation must have the proper water ratio and air entraining agents to ensure durability through the freeze and thaw cycles of our Calgary climate. Depending on the project, our next few steps would include reinforcement and expansion joints that will protect the integrity of the concrete pad as the the ground freezes and thaws while the garage pad or slab is bearing weight, again preventing again potential cracks. Finally, once the concrete has been poured we will finish it by leveling and smoothing it. This may include expansion grooves to provide crack resistance. And voila, after the curing time you will have a very durable, sturdy and strong garage pad that is guaranteed to last.

Want to learn more about our garage pad installation and application process? Contact us today and speak to one of our trusted concrete professionals.

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