At Impact Concrete our team of trusted and qualified professionals has the skills and expertise to professionally design and apply concrete sidewalk installations, perfectly suiting your home needs.

Our sidewalks have an unlimited number of designs, ranging from exposed aggregate to broom finishes, with options for color matching options as well. What makes concrete an excellent and practical material for sidewalks is its durability and versatility; its incomparable strength, will outlast a number of other landscape materials and provide you with the low maintenance that you desire.


Our uniquely designed and hand crafted sidewalks will create more safe accessibility to the exterior of your home, all while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. During our design process our experts will discuss with you the best materials and design for your project, ensuring that your needs and vision are met. Our team partakes in a collaborative process with our customers where they can help educate and advise on the most suitable materials for the project, pending Alberta’s unpredictable weather, all while, guaranteeing that your personal vision and specific needs are met. At Impact Concrete our goal is to “make your concrete dreams come to life.”

Learn more about some of the Sidewalks we offer here at Impact Concrete:

Exposed Aggregate Sidewalks

Exposed aggregate concrete is a wonderful concrete option in Calgary because the exposed rock offers a coarse texture and natural traction for icy and wet conditions. Exposed concrete will offer your sidewalk a rustic, high end look, all for an affordable price. This aesthetically appealing sidewalk option comes in an almost unlimited number of colours and designs, and can even be paired with other concrete applications such as stamped or brushed concrete to create your ideal sidewalk.

Broom Finished Sidewalks

Broom finished concrete sidewalks are a widely popular and traditional concrete option. With a variety of colour options, a broom finished concrete sidewalk can be colour matched to your home to ensure ideal aesthetic appeal. Broom finish also offers ideal texture and traction for pedestrians, providing protection against weather conditions like rain, snow and ice. Broom finished concrete is a smart, timeless and durable sidewalk option, suitable for any home.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalks

Stamped concrete is a newly popular sidewalk option as it can provide the look of various different landscape materials, such as brick or stone, without sacrificing the integrity and durability of concrete. Stamped concrete is an excellent option for sidewalks because it is unique, appealing and low maintenance. If you desire a sidewalk with extreme curb appeal and artistic flare, then stamped concrete is the perfect product for you. From simple, clean and sharp to intricately carved designs our stamped concrete can be adapted to perfectly suit your desires.

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