Radon Protection

Today, all homes are required to be built and equipped with radon protection. Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas that cannot be seen, smelt or tasted, and without proper protection it can enter your home completely undetected. Radon gas escapes from the ground and into the air, and in low concentration, like outdoors, there is limited cause for concern. However, if radon gas enters an enclosed space, such as your home, the levels can become concentrated and cause a hazard to your health. Luckily, radon protection is a relatively easy and cost effect application that will prevent your risk of dangerous exposure.

While there are many benefits to new build homes being built fairly airtight compared to homes built in the 20th century, the lack of fresh air transmitting in an out of the home now can cause higher concentrations of radon gas than in older built homes. Radon typically enters the home through the basement; however, this is preventable through the installation of a radon stack and membrane barrier. Our team of qualified professionals has the team and skills to install radon protection into your home. Have questions pertaining to how you can protect your home from radon gas? Contact us today!

Impact Concrete is a concrete and construction business that specializes in all elements of new home, residential and commercial concrete applications, installation and maintenance. We have proudly been serving Calgary and surrounding areas for over 10 years and proud to be one of the most trust concrete service businesses for come of Calgary’s biggest and most sough after customer home builders. In addition to our concrete application services, we also provide a number of related maintenance services including: Weeping tile and frost protection, radon protection and breakout and removal services.


At Impact we aim to provide high quality service in all facets of our business. We provide high quality product in a timely manner, with consistent communication throughout our project timeline. We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service and we ensure complete satisfaction on all of our projects. Our team is made up of a number of highly qualified professionals who have a minimum of 15 years of experience in varying facets of the trade. Our team is skilled, experienced and professional.

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