Slinger / Basement

What is a stone slinger?

A stone slinger is heavy duty construction equipment that is used to pour and spread out various different construction materials, to prepare the project site before concrete is applied. A slinger truck will deliver materials to a residential or commercial property off of a spout attached to the slinger truck. The benefit of the stone slinger delivery is that the machinery can perform the work with precision and detail, ensuring the perfect distribution of the construction material, every time. Some of the materials that can be delivered through slinger services include sod, gravel, clay, and decorative rock.

Stone slinger can be used for a number of residential and commercial projects where a large volume of material needs to be distributed in typically hard-to-reach areas. At Impact Concrete we provide a number of slinger services; however, our number one slinger service is weeping tile and basement gravel fill. Our stone slinger services can accelerate the process of your large scale development projects due to their efficiency, accessibility and effectiveness. The materials go straight from the truck to your delivery location and there is very little material lost during that application. Therefore, there is reduced waste and reduced clean up following the project.

Learn more about our slinger basement services:

Our stone slinger services are used to prepare the basement before we install the concrete. The stone slinger is used to sling gravel, backfilling the perimeter and covering the weeping tile and radon protection with drainable material. Following the prep, we would then pour the basement pad.


Concrete basements are the most popular form of basement foundation material here in Calgary. Concrete is an excellent material for basements because it can repel elements, all while maintaining its integrity and resisting cave-ins. Concrete has excellent lateral strength and can resist pressure from general elements such as water and soil. Solid concrete is also one of the most fire resistant materials because it is dense and joint free.

Concrete basement pads can also be easily formed into any foundation design and are adaptable to last minute construction changes. Because concrete begins as a liquid, it can be manipulated into unique foundation shapes that cannot be achieved with concrete blocks.

Did you know that concrete basement walls are resistant to fire, water, rot and pests? They are also almost completely maintenance free!

Contact us today to learn more about our stone slinger and basement services. Our team of experts here at Impact Concrete would be happy to talk to you about the options that would best suit your home.

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