Weeping Tile & Frost Protection

Impact Concrete is a full-service concrete and construction service business that provides a wide variety of concrete and concrete maintenance services. Our team of dependable and experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to expertly design and apply a variety of concrete service applications. Our concrete installations will effortlessly suit your home or businesses needs and desires. In addition to our concrete application services, we also provide a number of related maintenance services including: Weeping tile and frost protection, radon protection and breakout and removal services.

What is weeping tile?

Weeping tile is a porous pipe, typically made out of plastic, that is used to expel underground water. The pipes have “weep” holes or small slits in them that are designed to redirect water in the direction away from the home, typically to a storm sewer or water pump. During construction the tiles are placed in a trench around the perimeter of the home or business. Then, as rain permeates the soil or the water table rises, the water will flow in the holes or slits and drain through the pipe, preventing the water from entering your property. The pipes are installed specifically to direct the water away from the house or business. Through the weeping tile that water will typically drain to a storm sewer or in some special cases to a pump. Whether surface water is soaking into the ground or the water table is rising because of a change in weather, the water will be filtered through the gravel and then expelled through the drainage system of the weeping tile.


Most weeping tile is constructed from high density polyethylene resin and it is readily available in number of different sizes and designs for different applications. In Alberta, building codes require 4” flexible tile for most residential applications. For commercial projects the specifications for application will be determined by the building code or the engineering department working on the development of the property. Depending on the size and location of the commercial property the weeping tile will typically be either 8”, 6” or 4” of non-flexible or flexible piping. Again, these specifications will depend on the site conditions.

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