Custom Steps

Concrete is by far one of the most well-known and sought after materials for hard scape landscaping in Calgary. Concrete is a superior construction product because of its durability and versatility; it can withstand the harsh nature of our Albertan weather and it is easy to maintain over its long lifespan. At Impact Concrete, our professionals know everything there is to know about concrete, we are experts in our field and our goal is to leave you breathless with our custom concrete work. Did you know that our custom concrete can even be colour matched to your home? Whatever your concrete dream may be, we can make it a reality.

Concrete custom steps are a popular concrete service today because they are a practical, low maintenance hardscape installation that will increase the accessibility to the exterior of your home, while also boosting your curb appeal. Say goodbye to slippery, muddy slopes and/or inaccessible areas with concrete steps. Our steps are built to complement your home, we have a wide variety of customizable custom step options so you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for integrity. Concrete steps are undeniably strong, easy to maintain, long lasting, and very aesthetically appealing.

Learn more about some of the Custom Steps we offer here at Impact Concrete:

Concrete Steps

Stamped concrete is a popular choice among home owners for custom concrete hardscape work today. When it comes to concrete steps, there is an undeniable aesthetic appeal that stamped concrete will bring to your outdoor space. With an array of colour and pattern options we can customize your steps to suit home’s needs, while also ensuring that you get exactly the look that you want. With an almost unlimited array of colours, textures and/or designs, the options for your custom stamped steps are plentiful. What we love about stamped concrete steps is that their integrity is never compromised by their beauty; stamped steps have the same long lasting and durable attributes of other concrete applications, with just a little bit more curb appeal.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is exactly as it sounds. It is concrete that has been “stamped” with a unique pattern or design to give it a specific textured appearance and feel. Sometimes homeowner opt for stamps that are designed to make the concrete look like other materials such as brick or stone, and at other times the stamps have stunning intricate designs carved into them to give the concrete an artistic flare.

Exposed Aggregate
Concrete Steps

Exposed concrete is another amazing custom step option. Exposed aggregate concrete will give your steps a rustic, high end look, and the textured surface will promote traction and prevent slippage when wet, snowy or icy. The texture of exposed aggregate concrete is coarse and can be customized to suit your needs. The concrete is easy to maintain and very weather durable; simply hosing them off a few times a year will be the extent of the maintenance you have to perform. At Impact Concrete we love laying exposed aggregate concrete because its beauty is versatile; it is very appealing on its own for custom steps but it can also be matched with a variety of other materials or designs, such as stamped concrete.

Did you know?

Exposed aggregate concrete comes in a variety of texture and color palettes and options – our experts would be happy to discuss with you about what options would be best suited for your custom step project

Broom Finished
Concrete Steps

Broom finished concrete steps are a traditional but customizable step option. Broom finish allows you the flexibility to find the perfect texture finish and customizable colour for your steps, without breaking the bank. Broom finish promotes high traction and has suitable protection against weather elements such as rain, snow and ice. Broom finish concrete steps are a clean and classic concrete option that can complement the exterior of any home.

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